Cups of Confidence


Read Cups of Confidence below and click the image if you want to learn more or connect from professionals offering their advice to students in the Initiative. 

Featured Mentors

Akofa Dossou - Featured Mentor

Be self-confident, persistent and self-disciplined.

Akofa Dossou, Principal Researcher, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance
Barbora Silovska photo

Tasks your coworkers don’t want to do are actually opportunities for you to grow.

Barbora Silovska, CPA, Experienced Tax Associate - Financial Services, PwC
Monica Gutierrez-Altenhof photo

Raise your hand and volunteer, even if it is not directly related to your work.

Monica Gutierrez-Altenhof, Internal Controls Analyst II, TIAA

More Cups of Confidence

Alex Dunn photo

We need to be more confident in ourselves, remember to believe in ourselves, and be less afraid of making mistakes.

Alex Dunn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management, University of Mary Washington
Auja Little photo

Bring your authentic, full self to work.

Auja Little, Senior Real Estate Analyst, Washington REIT
Beth Allen photo

Take time to enjoy family and friends while continuing to grow professionally.

Beth Allen, CPA, Director of Outsourced Accounting Solutions, GreerWalker LLP
Brittany Spivey photo

Get out and get to know other people.

Brittany Spivey, Recruiter, Red Ventures
Christina Thigpen photo

Ask for what you want.

Christina Thigpen, APR, Deputy Director, Economic Development at the City of Charlotte
Elsa Wartner photo

A good mentor can guide you in making decisions that would be hard to make on your own.

Elsa Wartner, CIMA, IAG Associate, Truist Wealth

Have faith in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in you.

Ghada Ternanni, Assistant Vice President, Senior Financial Analyst, Bank of America
Jeannette Kuda image

You will face adversity and sometimes struggle throughout your career; these are opportunities to grow.

Jeannette Kuda, MBA, Vice President, LPL Financial
Jennifer Pollino

Take yourself out of your comfort zone – try something new (job, project, sport, read something different, relocate).

Jennifer Pollino, Executive Coach/Consultant, JMPollino LLC
Jessica Donan photo

The answer is always no until you ask.

Jessica Donan, Greenville Office Managing Partner & Mobility Assurance Market Segment Leader
Jessica Graham photo

Be true to what matters to you, and that will reap you greater benefits in your career than pretending ever could.

Jessica Graham, APR, President, Fionix Consulting LLC
Kelly McPhilliamy image

Aim high, be present, be a good person and have fun. Success will happen; it's just not always a straight line!

Kelly McPhilliamy, MBA, Managing Director in Consumer Investment Banking at Harris Williams
Lea Marich photo

Find someone who inspires you and ask for feedback.

Lea Marich, Project Coordinator, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Leticia Foster image

Fail fast! It is through failure that we learn and grow. Throw out an idea.

Leticia Foster, Global Marketing Equipment and Automation Manager, Sealed Air Corporation
Louise Fuller photo

Build a network of peers, mentors, etc. early as it can have a big impact on your professional life.

Louise Fuller, MBA, Client Strategy Manager, PwC
Nikki Patel

Make a difference in the lives of the people in front of you.

Nikki Patel, Vice President, Lending Officer, Bank of America
Reema Nayyar photo

Share your experiences and inspire others.

Reema Nayyar, Assistant Manager - Real Estate, PwC
Sarah Danford photo

Perseverance is key. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

Sarah Danford, CPA, Senior Financial Manager, BHS Sonthofen, Inc.
Sona Spencer photo

Don't apologize when it's not necessary.

Sona Spencer, MBA, Chief Legal Talent Officer, Troutman Sanders
Terry Coelho photo

When you join a company or take on a new role in a company, it is so important to continuously discover new aspects of the business every day.

Terry Coelho, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, BioDelivery Sciences International